Off-Grid Power Systems

for Industrial applications

The right equipment for a continuous energy supply in remote areas.

Renewable energies: an inexhaustible source for power production.


When the power of renewable energies is combined with battery storage systems and methanol or hydrogen fuel cells (if needed), the continuous supply of energy is guaranteed.

FRIEM Off Grid Power System delivers power supply anywhere is needed with unparalleled reliability and are able to serve the most demanding applications and customers such as telecommunications, oil&gas, energy transmission, cathodic protection, security, mining emergency operation, VTMS, etc. The Off Grid Power Systems based on renewable energy are the perfect fit to power industrial critical applications in remote areas where grid connection is not present, not reliable or too expensive

Friem, 70 years experience in power conversion and industrial operation, and Windkinetic (part of FRIEM Group) know-how in Industrial Off-Grid systems allow to deliver a wide range of extremely reliable solutions, either standard or tailor made. Our Systems typically integrate solar and/or wind power with battery storage (available different technologies) and, where is needed, methanol or hydrogen fuel cells. In such dependable operations, remote monitoring and control is always present to guarantee proactive and effective O&M services.

FRIEM products portfolio includes:

Containerized Power Solutions for Industrial applications.

A full set of “plug n play” containerized off grid systems ready to supply reliable power anywhere is needed around the globe. No matter how, where and in which weather conditions, our system can deliver power and guarantee outstanding uptime and continuity of operation.
The containerized system is a complete renewable energy system that includes all the components and is ready to be operated. System are fully designed, assembled and carefully tested in our premises.
Typical applications are Oil & Gas data acquisition for unmanned operations. Telecom BTS tower power supply. Mining operations. Off Grid C&I power supply to industrial operations.

Power source options: Solar, wind, hydro, genset, methanol fuel cells.
Output Power: from 3KVA to 1.5MW
Battery Storage technologies: LiFepo4, LTO, Lead Acid.
Battery Energy capacity: from 1.5kWh to 2MWh
Output Voltage: DC 24-48V ; AC any type

Off-Grid Trailers

An industrial “plug n play” renewable energy off grid power system installed on a off/road trailer. Powered from multiple power sources such as wind, solar, diesel genset and fuel cell, includes all the electronics and battery storage system necessary to deliver continuous and reliable power anywhere is needed.
It is a quick deployment unit, designed to be towed by a vehicle on road and off road it can be installed and be operational just in few minutes. It includes heating and cooling options allowing ordinary operations with ambient temperatures from -40°C to + 50°C.
It includes inside space to integrate customer devices, typically telecom electronics, water desalinators, battery banks, SCADA systems.

Power source options: Solar, Wind, Diesel genset, Methanol fuel cells
Output Power: from 3KVA to 15kW
Fuel Storage: Diesel 80 l, Methanol up to 200 l
Battery Storage technologies: LiFepo4, LTO, Lead Acid
Battery Energy capacity: from 1.5kWh to 15kWh
Output Voltage: DC 24-48V; AC 220V

Available options: 8 meter telescopic tower, Reverse osmosis desalinator (1000l/day), Wi-max repeaters and hotspots, Satellite dish backhauls.
Remote monitoring and control SCADA system

Small Off-Grid Hybrid Systems

A full set of small scale and perfectly industrialized off/grid systems powered by wind, sun and methanol fuel cell with lithium Battery storage.
Whenever a reliable source of power is needed in remote areas, those system can accomplish the mission. Hybrid systems ensure a continuous and reliable electricity supply enabling many types of remote but critical industrial applications such as: Oil &gas cathodic protection, Oil & GAS unmanned operations, Offshore unmanned operations, Telemetry, Surveillance and security, IoT, remote SCADA, etc.

Power source options: Solar, Wind, Methanol fuel cells.
Output Power: from 20W to 3kW
Fuel Storage: Methanol up to 200l
Battery Storage technologies: LiFepo4, LTO
Battery Energy capacity: from 1.5kWh to 10kWh
Output Voltage: DC 12-24-48V; AC 220V

Remote Monitoring & Control System

In remote areas where a site visit is rare, difficult or sometimes super expensive the use of a reliable monitoring system is mandatory. Our device allows to always have at the tip of your finger all the most important values and parameters of the off grid system, either in real time or as historical values. This way the users is always able to understand when the system is not performing and its time for a site visit before the problem translates into downtime.
Up to 100 parameters can be acquired and delivered in the hands of the customer service department, thresholds on real time and derived values through complicated logic can trigger alarms through emails and SMS. Fully customizable on demand according to the application.

Remote O&M and Predictive Maintenance System

With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities we are able to interpret the huge and complex data set coming from the sites. The correlations between data, values and historical trending allow us to release the huge potential contained into those data and place it at disposal of our customers.
We look after multiple sites on behalf of the customer and report when there is a potential problem. Our knowledge and experience, united with the implemented algorithms, permit a real switch from a reactive to a proactive approach to customer service and post sales support.