EV Charging Stations

solutions for Electric Vehicles

Thanks to Yess.energy, FRIEM offers a complete portfolio of EV Charging Stations

Wall Boxes for domestic and business use:
Supply power up to 3.7 kW in single phase and up to 22 kW in three phases.
Towers for private and public installations:
Supply power up to 22kW for a three-phase socket and up to 3.7kW (7,4kW) for a 3A socket.
Equipped with two Type 2 Mennekes sockets and two Tiop 3A sockets, touch screen, anti-vandal and robust design perfectly suited to public and private car parks, shopping centres, airports and railway stations, 10 RFID tags and the options for internet connection are LAN, Wifi, 3G.
Fast Charge DC Towers:
Nominal output power of 24kW, 50kW and 100kW can load all cars in one hour via its Combo 1 or 2, CHAdeMO or GB output, and can allows simultaneous charging of 3 vehicles.
The charging stations can charge all kinds of EVS; they are designed for different power range to satisfy different requirements, also thanks to a modular structure and a functional and pleasant design.
The complete solution provided includes:

  • HW: robustness + design
  • SW: owner’s sw platform + App+ vertical solution
  • SERVICES: pre-installation inspection + installation + maintenance and Help Desk.

For more information visit https://yess.energy/en/negozio/