EV Charging Stations

solutions for Electric Vehicles

A full range of Charging Stations for Electric Mobility.

For a smarter and emission-free future.


As the World Population Prospects presented by the United Nations, describes the global population growth as one of the key trends with the prediction of 9,7 billion by 2050, people are confirmed as the center of sustainable development. Those key trends clearly indicated the need of significant changes: in the way people travel and also in giving an affordable access to renewable energies for individual.

FRIEM Group contributes increasing access to Electric Mobility to everyone, everywhere.

FRIEM offers indeed a full range of Charging Stations dedicated to businesses who invest in reducing the environmental impact and contributing in creating a greener society today for tomorrow, and to private users who want to manage the consumption of their own power.

FRIEM’s Charging Station are suitable for installation in:

  • Airports, railway stations
  • Ports and port area car parks
  • Car parks in business centers and office areas in city center
  • Parking spaces for vehicles from fleets that work during the day and recharge at night
  • Interchange car parks (Auto-Metro – Auto-Train)
  • Car-sharing car parks
  • Fairs or Exhibitions Parks and Amusement Parks where the average stay of the visitor is about one day
  • Company fleets (post office, waste collection, pony express, distribution of pizzas or parcels, etc.)
  • Car parks dedicated to electric scooters


The Charging Stations are designed to meet different power demand, also thanks to a modular structure and a functional and pleasant design. Thanks to an intelligent and automated management of energy flows and storage systems, those innovative charging stations also allow reducing the costs of electrical connection and maintenance.

The catalogue includes Standard AC chargers and Fast DC chargers from 3,7 kW up to 150 kW.


AC chargers

AC chargers

Wallboxes and pole stations for private and public use. Supply power up to 7.4 kW in single phase and up to 22 kW in three phases.

Fast Charge DC Towers

Fast Charge DC Towers

With nominal output power from 24kW to 150kW can charge all cars in one hour via its Combo 1 or 2, CHAdeMO or GB output, and allows simultaneous charging of up to 3 vehicles.