Charging Stations

for e-Bus

FRIEM designed a complete line of Power Converters for opportunity and depot charging stations using diodes, thyristors and IGBT technology to provide eBuses with a tailored, reliable and safe power supply.

FRIEM’s charging stations can supply up to 1 MW depending on the semiconductor technology.
The Power Converters can be AC/DC type and DC/DC type with galvanic insulation (optional). The solution can be customised according to the installation conditions and customer’s requirements in terms of charging-time and load profile.


Charging Systems for eBus

Charging Stations

FRIEM Group supports its customer to design complete integrated solutions including:

  • HW: up to 1 MW + robustness + customised design
  • BESS: battery energy storage system for peak shading
  • SW: owner’s SW platform + App+ vertical solution
  • SERVICES: pre-installation inspection + installation + maintenance and Help Desk.

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