A large factory in Italy, three offices abroad – United States, Brazil and South Africa – and activities in 20 countries worldwide.  Those numbers give an idea of the importance achieved by FRIEM Group; the holding based in Segrate, gathers six companies including innovative start-ups, celebrates this year the prestigious milestone of 70 years of activity. Specialized in production of special electrical converters for industry processes, the company led by Eng. Lorenzo Carnelli, has launched in 2018 a five-years industrial plan, among the goals the turnover by 2022 of 50 million euros. The project proceeds quickly and nowadays at halfway, the targets expected for this phase have been already reached or passed. Among the future priorities, FRIEM keeps on supporting with important investments mostly the areas in which the Group start-ups operating: the sustainable energy and mobility sectors. “It is a long history of passion, inventiveness and capabilities continuing today with the third generation of the original holding family supported by a selected team of expert and enthusiast managers, engineers, technicians and workers.”, explains Eng. Carnelli. We provide our customers with dedicated solutions sustaining their operations and results for the whole life of the equipment from the starting up until granting a remote support. FRIEM counts on his way many important projects in which the use of the latest technologies means sustainable development, for instance the electrification of rural areas in Africa and the supplies of charging systems for electrical mobility.

FRIEM: power converters, from the process industry to sustainable energy