As indicated from the last official Decree dated 1 April 2020, among the urgent measures undertaken from the Italian Government to face the pandemic emergency, social distancing is still mandatory and the stop of all non-essential activities is confirmed on the whole territory, until further notice. In line with the restrictions imposed, we have reduced our operations.
Nonetheless, with our Equipment used worldwide to manufacture products for sanitation, disinfection, cleaning and medical treatment such as chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda and PVC, to supply green energy and hospitals, FRIEM is in front line to fight Coronavirus and it is crucial that our Equipment continues to operate as required to ensure production.
Therefore, we inform you about the following notes:

All our communication channels are fully functional; our front office staff is working, exploiting the remote working.
Contact us by e-mail preferably, it will help us to manage your requests in the best way.
Use your usual contact person or refer to the following contacts:
• for general inquiries:
• for service inquiries:
• for suppliers’ inquiries:
• for administrative issues:
• for marketing and communication issues:

Our Service Department is always available to support you from Italy and from our foreign Branches. However, due to the worldwide travel restrictions and the limited accessibility to production sites, FRIEM’s personnel is not likely to be allowed to reach your Plant. In this circumstance we inform you about the following notes:
• FIELD SERVICE: all the activities already planned are being rescheduled. In addition, to ensure the best possible support to Customers, the Remote Service Team is fully operative to troubleshoot most of the alarms and trips may occur to our Rectifier Systems with no need of FRIEM’s personnel at site;
• SPARE PARTS: we grant our full assistance to our Customers to secure the critical spare parts.

In order to safeguard the health and safety of all our employees and partners we were forced to adopt extraordinary preventive measures that resulted in a slowdown of our operations. In such a Force Majeure situation, we regret to inform that our manufacturing and delivery schedules might be affected as well. We are working hard to provide you with a reliable updated schedule however it is difficult to predict the evolution of the outbreak in the near-term and its impact on businesses. Please refer to your main PM contact for any updates about your existing orders.

With the commercial office remote-working, we are ready to support you as normal. Please understand that the lead time to deliver new equipment is extended and may vary as the global situation continues to change, but also consider that we value your enquiry and make every effort to give you accurate answers.
Please refer to your main PM contact for any updates about your ongoing inquiries and purchase orders.

Our purchase department is fully operative by working from remote. Thanks to all the suppliers for the continued support during these emergency times, granting service continuity to our customers it’s a job we couldn’t carry on without them.
We apologize in advance for the inconvenience we may create. In any case, rest assured that we are using our best efforts to minimize the negative effect that the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak might have on our current business relationship.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Stay Safe!

Lorenzo Carnelli

Message from the CEO: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on FRIEM’s stakeholders