The global population expectation is 9,7 billion by 2050 and 11 billion before the end of the century (United Nations: “The World Population Prospects 2019: highlights”), a massive growth that requires people to change their lifestyle and behaviors to preserve our planet towards a more sustainable future by using breakthrough technologies.

The electrical mobility, which helps to reduce emissions, has become reality and is continuously growing.

Eyes Group S.r.l., the last new entry in FRIEM Group, is an Italian Innovative Start-up specialized in electrification of vehicles. Eyes offers a wide range of solutions to transform conventional cars, light and heavy trucks and public transport means in electric vehicles (EVs) by replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and associated battery pack. The Company serves different customer’s segments such as body shops, public authorities, goods transport operators and vehicle fleets owners. The aim? “Of course, a cleaner and healthier future for our Earth first, and our children consequently” – tells Manuel Rolando, CEO of Eyes Group.

A report of the BCG confirms that within the 2030 electric cars and trucks on the road will be the 25% of the total, and will represent the 50-60% of selling of new means of transport. In line with this scenario, FRIEM Group contributes increasing access to electric mobility.

“FRIEM supports Eyes with the organization of its activities” – said Mr. Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO of FRIEM – “counting on FRIEM’s experience, technical know-how and investments. The vehicles transformation will be moved to an industrialized setting, granting high quality, performances and safety, according to FRIEM’s standards”.

“Furthermore” – continues Manuel Rolando – “our kits to retrofit conventional vehicles are designed with components that increase the vehicle’s performance and some of them, like the human-vehicle interface, add value to the vehicle itself, being attractive, dynamic and pleasant”.

The products will be introduced first to the Italian market, and then to the other worldwide markets in which FRIEM operates.

Keeping up with the sustainable future: FRIEM acquires Eyes Group S.r.l.