Talking about smart glasses we deal with topics such as IoT, augmented reality and production continuity, all key opportunities to expand our solutions and expertise. FRIEM’s approach, based on constant innovation has guided the company to evaluate solutions to provide an efficient support to its worldwide customers, and the new smart glasses service is the right answer to help FRIEM’s team in providing a reactive and quick solution to different necessities.

“The aim? Be there at the same time with our customer to solve problems together” – explains Mr. David Galeone, Service Manager of FRIEM – “A fast remote support is surely one of the major requests of our customers; with this new service we rapidly deliver our experts’ knowledge around the world independently from travel restriction. – he continues.
In fact, the operator wearing the smart glasses is directly connected with FRIEM’s service department that guides him by giving live support, instructions and if necessary, by projecting documents on the holographic display. Reduce travelling the world for service is a contribute to reduce CO2 emission, that matches exactly with the core values of the company for a sustainable future.

“We offer not only live support with a fault real-time diagnosis, but also a remote training to transfer knowledge to the customer’s technicians.” – Mr. Galeone affirms.

FRIEM provides annual service packages at convenient fees.
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Our new smart glasses service is the right support to help you solving on-site problems even when specialized competencies are required.