The future of the planet will be definitely determined by the choices that governments, firms and simple citizens are going to undertake in the energy field. More than 1 billion people are living without electricity access and population growth is outpacing the electrification rate. As for the last steps carried out, FRIEM continues supporting the global worldwide project of sustaining development of rural communities with a Nexus approach. Universities all around the world are engaged in reducing distances between the technical view of cooperation and the social sciences, as well as between the didactics and the practical experience on field. This is one of the reasons that led FRIEM to sponsor the “Field Study Abroad” project; an educational path involving social, technological and environmental aspects, based on the concept of “learning by doing” promoted by the Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development -CIRPS- of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and the non-profit organization “Tecnologie Solidali”. The project of 1 month journey through North and Central America, has placed students within an international project management in the field of renewable energies and sustainable development. Topics like prefeasibility studies, project design and data collection, are approached with academic methodology and research purposes in order to involve students in scientific discussions and develop case studies for academic researches. FSA activities comprise data acquisition campaigns, both technical and socioeconomic, on target communities that become the case studies for the FS4MGO academic research. The group is also active in Central America, installing remote monitoring in three micro hydro plants in Honduras. We are confident that  all the collected data will be useful for FRIEM’s microgrid technology to help bridge the power gap in rural areas, accelerating the local development. Aware that our future begins with good choices, we are once again embracing a greener future.

FRIEM for Field Study Abroad