Vehicles Electrification

Vehicles Electrification, a new access to Electric Mobility.

Electric Power Train and Retrofit: the addition of new technology to conventional means of transport.


Since the mid 90’s the word retrofit entered into the driver’s vocabulary, when polluting cars were converted in Euro 1 by means of a catalytic converter. The word is still actual talking about mobility; it refers to a kit that transform conventional means of transport in electric vehicles, by replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and battery pack.

FRIEM answers to the call for innovative electrification solutions by proving the customers with a solution for their vehicle electrification.

With Eyes Group S.r.l., a start-up of FRIEM’s Group specialized in vehicles electrification, the company offers a complete system for electric power train and retrofit, including:

  • Reliable and efficient powertrain kits up to 140 kW
  • Safe and long-lasting battery packs up to 120 kWh
  • Standard and fast charging features mode 3 and mode 4
  • A maintenance service to grant technical service and the supply of fundamental spare parts
  • Support to develop electric vehicles prototypes.
    We are able to support the manufacturers in the design and development of their electrified vehicles, providing our know-how and expertise in the electric power train and Battery Pack definition and design. The integration within the components is granted through our dedicated control system, optimized even for the HMI.


The Electric Retrofitting is suitable for:

  • Small electric buses
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Electric boat and vessels
  • Intralogistics vehicles
  • Mining vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Municipal utility vehicles
  • Ground support equipment


Engineered, tested and approved standard solutions for simplified and quick application.

Thanks to our experience and success cases, we have developed complete solutions for vehicles electrification ready to be applied.


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A partner to our Customer

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At the forefront of technology

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