Rail and Urban Electrification


Since 1974 leader in Traction Rectifiers for Train, Metro and Tram Lines.

Thanks to the experience matured in Power Converters for Electrochemical Application, FRIEM provided the most reliable and efficient Rectifiers for DC Traction Substation.


FRIEM’s Traction Converters fully comply with IEC or ANSI/ IEEE standards and the most severe standards for heavy traction service. FRIEM designs compact and modern Converters maintaining an extremely high level of efficiency, reliability and service continuity. Low losses, low operating temperatures, reduced maintenance and noise are granted by the specific design of the Power Conversion Section: this is our 70 years expertise.

Nowadays FRIEM provides a wide range of Power Converters based on diode, thyristor, IGBT and GTO technologies for rail and urban electrification, taking care of the whole project from the engineering to the start-up of the delivered equipment. Moreover, with a huge experience and capabilities in the integration of Special DC Power Converter Systems, FRIEM is capable of providing to the customer a complete DC Traction Substation, including:

  • MV switchgear
  • Traction Converter Transformer
  • Rectifier and Power Converter (AC/DC – DC/AC)
  • DC Isolators
  • Negative Cubicles/Voltage Limiting Devices
  • Disconnectors Cubicles
  • Feeders Cubicles
  • Outdoor Disconnecting Unit


We rely on very well proven technologies and products

as well as on long lasting collaborations with suppliers and partners, to be able to grant the highest quality and reliability of our solutions and services.

Enhancement of rail and urban electrification systems is nowadays dominant topic in terms of investment to reduce environmental pollution and improve energy saving especially through efficiency and innovation.
Being energy intensive and with a continuously growing demand, the transport industry is looking more and more for technologies and solutions to reduce energy losses. As a natural consequence of its experience in power converters for traction and for renewable energy applications, FRIEM has developed modern solutions to manage the Braking Energy of the trains and maximise the energy recovery.

FRIEM has developed a comprehensive line of bidirectional and energy recovery rectifiers, inverters and converters that enable metro and train lines to generate energy. The energy is recovered during the vehicle breaking and re-used by other loads or stored in battery and capacitors.


In more than 50 years we installed hundreds of systems for Rail and Urban Electrification in four Continents

proving the customers with the quality of its Power Converters in the most different and severe environmental and service conditions.

Moreover, FRIEM is able to provide a reliable and on-time technical support to its customers thanks to a structured and competent network of engineers and technicians: the after sale assistance is granted for the all life of our equipment.


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A partner to our Customer

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At the forefront of technology

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