EV Charging Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

Integrating EV charging to reduce energy consumption and costs.


To best suits your charging needs, FRIEM Group offers turnkey EV charging solutions dedicated to facilities and private users who want to minimize energy consumption and costs, give a contribute in creating a sustainable future and access to incentives.

The line includes:

  • Hardware with personalization
  • Software monitoring platform, App and vertical solution
  • Services including pre-installation inspection, installation & commissioning, maintenance
  • Help Desk for a seamless charging experience



By means of a monitoring platform the operator can supervise the charging points of his Property/management with complete control over the status of the columns: free/busy, reservations in place and if maintenance.

Cost checking

The operator can set charging cost criteria combined with special discounts based on marketing campaigns, employee benefits or indicating certain hours/days of the week.

Customized operator panel

The operator can set the contents of the area dedicated to him, visible to users on the Mobile present on the YessApp.

Dedicated App

A fresh-looking App available for Android and IOS, allows the EV driver to get access to the charging point.

A European Charging Network

With Hubject network connect the charging infrastructure in Europe is easy. With just one App, the user has access to the columns of the world’s largest eRoaming network, expanding the possibilities of recharging and avoiding the need to find a column to recharge the car along the route set. Hubject is a European ‘customer-friendly’ charging network, whose main objective is to make the charging process as simple and fast as possible for the user. The Hubject eRoaming model is supported by Italy, Germany, Finland, Scandinavia, Austria and Benelux.


SERVICE A partner to our Customer


A partner to our Customer

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At the forefront of technology

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Working now for the future