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From the Heavy Electric Traction to the Electric Vehicles and Buses, FRIEM has a complete line of Power Converters and Systems to offer sustainable and customised solution.

The experience in Rail Electrification and in Energy management with Storage Systems and Mini-Grids allows to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution, integrating energy supply, energy recovery and energy storage. The integration in FRIEM Group of YESS.Energy, an innovative Start-up Company providing complete EV Charging Solutions, enhance the technological capabilities and presence in E-mobility: our offer includes not only the recharging stations for electric vehicles but even the SW and the APP for the station management by the Operator and for easy use by the EV Driver.
Electric Traction / Rail and Urban Electrification: increase the capacity and the efficiency of existing lines or rely on state-of-the art Power Converters for new lines, FRIEM provides solutions for Rail Electrification since the ‘70s.
Charging Systems for EV: YESS.Energy, part of FRIEM Group, is providing complete solutions for the EV charging, from AC or DC hardware to station management SW and relevant APP.
Charging Systems for e-Bus: the expertise in Power Converter and Energy management to provide tailored solutions for single Bus or fleets, including AC or DC distribution links, master & slave operation, Energy Storage integration and more.


Rail and urban electrification

Rail and Urban Electrification

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Charging Systems for e-Bus

Charging Systems for eBus


SERVICE A partner to our Customer


A partner to our Customer

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At the forefront of technology

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Working now for the future