Knowledge into efficiency

From the Rail electrification to the Electric Mobility.

A long history of innovation and demand for intelligent and sustainable solutions for mobility.

The global need of efficient transportation started in the mid-nineteenth century, when the development of industrial activities and the consequent increase of railways transportation allowed things never thought before: lower costs and shorter times to transport goods and people.

Industrial innovation has always gone at the same pace of the population growing, and as the global population expectation continued to grow, new needs have opened new opportunities but also the request of new solution for the mobility sector.

Developing a sustainable business is a challenge in which FRIEM is committed to. Starting from the request of reducing the environmental impact through sustainable and efficient energy consumption systems for the heavy electric traction infrastructure, to continuous request of solution to preserve our planet and reducing the CO2 emissions.

50 years of experience devoted to innovative solutions for a sustainable Mobility

FRIEM experience in providing reliable solution for Rail Electrification systems started in the early ’70 with the production of Traction Rectifiers Systems for railways, tram lines and underground then. Compact and modern Converters maintaining an extremely high level of efficiency, reliability and service continuity, increasing therefore the capacity and the efficiency of existing lines or rely on state-of-the art Power Converters for new lines.

The need of saving energy and reducing energy losses, led FRIEM to develop a complete line of inverters and bidirectional converters, that allowed energy to be recovered from braking trains. The new system provided the customers with the most efficient and cost-effective solution, integrating energy supply, energy recovery and energy storage, applications in which FRIEM has already great experience. FRIEM’s system in fact, allows to transfer the recovered energy from the DC line to the AC grid, reducing the energy consumption up to the 30%. The exceeding kinetic energy is then recovered and storage by a Converter that helps to achieve the reduction of energy consumption, and allows to support local grid services as frequency regulation, peak shaving or load shedding.

The Power of a Group specialist in EV solutions

As a natural consequence of the massive population growth, and the prediction that people in the next future will be concentrated in cities, the demand for new sustainable solutions for mobility has become reality. New needs mean new answers, and the call for innovative electrification solutions guided FRIEM in taking a decisive step to explore e-mobility market, integrating new dedicated products for vehicles electrification and EV charging solutions and infrastructures.

As the electrical mobility belongs to our lives, and in in view of the increase of electric cars and trucks on roads, FRIEM is the partner of choice for those who want to retain full control on their infrastructure and investments independently from the electricity supply sources and of the vehicles they use.


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