Polysilicon Production

A comprehensive line of power supply solutions for Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) reactors and hydrogenation reactors.

Polysilicon is produced by a chemical purification process from silicon, which is one of the most widely available elements in the form of sand.


It is a base element for the solar photovoltaic cells industry and also for the manufacture of semiconductors, microchips for computers, mobile phones and many other electronic devices.

Advantages of FRIEM power supply solutions:

  • Increased Production Capacity: the design of the system is based on the Load Supply Independency achieved with multi-phases Transformers and independent SVV Power Controllers. This design grants the best Production continuity and capacity among all the AC Power Supply Systems. Moreover, each SVV Power Controller is provided with the Re-start function: in case of a transient fault, the SVV Power Controller automatically re-starts allowing the Reactor to continue the production.
  • Improved Harmonics and Power Factor: thanks to the multi-phases design and to the voltage sequence control (VSC).
  • Reduced Unbalance on the MV Phases: the multi-phases design, besides granting the Load Supply Independency, is able to reduce the unbalance on the MV phases from typical value of 20% down to the 5%.
  • High Electrical Efficiency: thanks to FRIEM’s AC Thyristor Technology.
  • Compact Size: reduced number and size of cubicles, reduced space and time required for installation and start-up.



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