Metal Refining

Heavy-duty rectifier systems and emergency rectifiers for the electrolytic and electrowinning processes

To purify and refine metals such as copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel and other non-ferrous metals.


In these applications, the DC current typically varies in the range of 5kA to 50kA for copper, cobalt, nickel and other precious metals and up to 130kA for zinc smelters.
Minerals and metals refinery plants might be located in remote areas, characterized by harsh environment and limited accessibility. These installation conditions require a specific industrial design of the equipment, which must be capable of operating continuously and efficiently.

FRIEM’s rectifier systems grant the highest level of robustness, reliability, efficiency and longest lifespan, both in indoor and outdoor installation.
FRIEM’s holds a unique experience and know-how in power electronics, which are essential to support Customers in defining the most effective layout and topology of the rectifier systems aiming at an intelligent use of available resources:

  • Reduced footprint of the equipment thanks to FRIEM’s compact and modular design;
  • reduced water consumption by means of oil-to-air cooled transformers and demineralized water-to-air cooled rectifiers;
  • reduced energy consumption and harmonic distortion thanks to plant’s configuration up to 48 (or more) pulses, optimized power factor and low losses equipment;
  • highest reliability thanks to N-1 redundancy of diode and thyristors;
  • optimized use of manpower during installation, commissioning, start-up and operation thanks to 100% factory-tested equipment and FRIEM’s typical modular design.



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