Power to gas

FRIEM for hydrogen production: power to gas

When energy is used to produce hydrogen gas


Most P2G systems use electrolysis to produce hydrogen (green hydrogen if produced from renewable resources). FRIEM makes available its know-how and technology in energy conversion to sustain the hydrogen value chain and production with its AC/DC power rectifiers for electrolyzers.

FRIEM provides robust and efficient purpose-built Power Conversion Units (PCUs) which pair with main electrolytic cells technologies (alkaline, PEM and SOEC).

Thanks to the continuous and fast development of the technology related to the cells, the installed based is growing significantly worldwide and the next challenge will be a cost-effective transition from pilot to industrial size of the systems.

Accordingly, also the rating of the Power Conversion Unit (PCU) can range from 0.5 MW up to 30 MW. Long term experience in rectifier equipment design and manufacturing, in addition to a well-established business collaboration with the main technology providers in this industry, allow FRIEM to be recognized as a strategic partner in the development of customized and long-lasting solutions to accomplish the following goals for an effective utilization of the resources.

Features of FRIEM PCU

  • High efficiency of the system by the installation of high performing equipment;
  • Reduced footprint of the equipment thanks to FRIEM’s compact design;
  • Design of modular solutionsto ensure high plant flexibility during operation;
  • Low impact on the supply voltage grid thanks to multi-pulse connection and harmonic filter design and installation, allowing to improve the overall power factor and harmonic distortion index;
  • Development of plug & play solutions to reduce the time for installation, commissioning and start-up;
  • Technical support during the whole lifecycle of the plant thanks to a dedicated service team in our headquarter in Milan and a massive network of collaborators worldwide.

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PCU for hydrogen electrolysis process

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Gas to power

When hydrogen is reconverted into energy

Some key concepts

+ What is hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table (symbol H). It is the most abundant and light chemical substance in the universe.
+ How can hydrogen be produced?
Reforming is the most widespread method to extract hydrogen from natural gas and from liquefied petroleum gas and naphtha. Other processes include gasification and electrolysis.
+ What is green hydrogen?
When hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water using electricity produced from renewable energy (wind, solar, hydropower).
+ How is hydrogen used today?
Hydrogen use today is dominated by industry, for oil refining, ammonia, methanol and steel production.
+ How will hydrogen be used tomorrow?

Hydrogen is essential to decarbonize the energy system. It offers ways to decarbonise industrial processes, it looks promising to be a lowest-cost option for storing electricity, can transport energy from renewables over long distances. Hydrogen can be used as energy carrier in sectors like transport, and to heat and power buildings.


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