Off-grid industrial

The perfect fit for powering industrial applications in remote areas.

Deliver power anywhere is needed.


FRIEM, with its 70 years’ experience in power conversion and industrial operation and Windkinetic (part of FRIEM Group) know-how in Industrial Off-Grid systems allow to deliver a wide range of extremely reliable solutions, either standard or tailor made.

The Systems supplied typically integrate solar and/or wind power with battery storage (available different technologies) and, where is needed, methanol or hydrogen fuel cells.

In such dependable operations, remote monitoring and control is always present to guarantee proactive and effective O&M services.

If grid connection is not present, not reliable or too expensive.

FRIEM offers integrated solutions with unparalleled reliability, able to serve the most demanding applications and customers such as telecommunications, oil&gas, energy transmission, cathodic protection, security, mining emergency operation, VTMS, etc.



MOBILITY Knowledge into efficiency


Knowledge into efficiency

SERVICE A partner to our Customer


A partner to our Customer

INDUSTRY At the forefront of technology


At the forefront of technology