Thanks to the experience gained in 60+ years of operation in the power electronics industry and the know-how in designing complete solutions for industrial operators, FRIEM has developed a comprehensive line of products for Minigrid applications that have been already installed and used with successful results.

A Mini-grid is a small-scale electricity network fed by renewable energy sources, solar PV typically. The generated electricity is supplied – directly or indirectly via batteries – to clients who are connected to this mini-grid electricity network. Mini-grids are a practical and cost-effective electricity solution for communities that do not have access to the electric distribution network. They can supply electricity for a localised group of consumers including households, institutions, hospitals and businesses. Compared to individual customer systems, mini-grids may provide an enhanced service level. To ensure the continuous operation and sustainability of the system.


MOBILITY Knowledge into efficiency


Knowledge into efficiency

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A partner to our Customer

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At the forefront of technology