Energy Storage Systems

The perfect integration between renewable energies sources and storage solutions.

Store and manage the energy produced by renewable resources.


Renewable technologies, such as Solar Photovoltaic and Wind, have grown rapidly in the last decades and nowadays assume a significant role as an electric supply resource connected to the grid.

In systems with significant variable renewable energy (RE) penetration, additional ancillary services may be required to manage increased variability and uncertainty. These services generally include, frequency control, spinning reserves and operating reserves. Traditionally ancillary services have been provided by generators.
On the other hand, wind and solar power plants are characterized by rapid variations of the output and variability of the daily production that mismatch with end-user’s peak demands.

FRIEM offers a wide range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to enable a better integration of renewable energy sources. FRIEM’s BESS are fitted with Bi-Directional and Hybrid Converters (HYCon line), allowing even the direct integration on the Renewable Energy generation bus for efficiency and performance optimisation (DC coupling).

Smart and effective

The Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Battery Management System (BMS) are specifically designed to store the energy and release it during peak periods or according to pre-defined patterns or to smooth and stabilize the power generation.



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