Traction Application


Our equipments allow highest efficiency, reliability and reduced maintenance.

Thanks to the experience matured in Power Conversion for Electrochemical application, in 1974 FRIEM started the production of Air Cooled Diode Rectifiers for:

Train Lines
Metro Lines
Tram Lines

FRIEM also provides a complete line of inverters and bidirectional converters, based on thyristor or IGBT technologies, to comply with the recent requests of braking energy regeneration.

FRIEM’s Traction Converters fully comply with IEC or ANSI/IEEE standards and the most severe standards for heavy traction service. FRIEM designs compact and modern Converters maintaining an extremely high level of efficiency, reliability and service continuity. Low losses, low operating temperatures, reduced maintenance and noise are granted by the specific design of the Power Section. Semiconductors “press-pack” mounting allows easy and fast replacement, as well as the complete cubicle being designed to grant easy access. According to the most recent requests for simplified maintenance and equipments replacement, FRIEM has developed a complete line of withdrawable Power Converter section. Since PLCs have been standardized in FRIEM’s design, protection and control equipment has achieved high flexibility and can be housed locally, in a separate section of the Converter cubicle, or in a remote panel. The materials inside the Converter are flame proof and without emission of dangerous gasses in case of fire.

FRIEM’s Rectifiers advantages

The special design of the Power Section (semiconductors’ heatsink and current conductors), proprietary of FRIEM, allows our Converter to have:

  • High Efficiency thanks to the reduced losses
  • Short circuit high withstand capacity thanks to the Robust Structure
  • Production continuity and long operation life achieved with the low operating temperature
  • Reliability and reduced maintenance

Technical Characteristics

Operating Characteristics
  • Connection: Bridge - Double Bridge (Series or Parallel)
  •  Type: Diode, Thyristor, IGBT
  • Cooling: Natural Air, Forced Air, Water-to-Air
  • DC Output Voltage: Up to 3300V
  • DC Output Current: Up to 5000A
  • Pulses: 6, 12
  • Standards: IEC 60146 - ANSI/IEE
Designing and Manufacturing Characteristics
  • Exclusive aluminium extruded bus bars
  • High efficiency and High Dynamic Stress Withstand
  • Non-Magnetic Material Rectifier Cubicle
  • Up to NEMA4x (standard IP41) Protection degree
  • Metal enclosed fixed or withdrawable Power Section
  • Up to 4 Diodes in Parallel
  • Interphase Reactor for 12 Pulses Double Bridges in Parallel
  • High Accuracy metering Systems by CTs or Shunts
  • Automatic control combined with PLC and electronic boards
  • Transformer control
  • Local and/or remote control
  • Serial Communication for interface with DCS (Modbus, Profibus DP, Ethernet, FMS or Datahighway Plus protocols)
  • Alarm and trip messages history
Protection Features
  • O/C, O/V, U/V, Phase Sequence Protection
  • (n-1) semiconductor redundancy with alarm output
  • Extrafast fuse protection for each diode and relevant alarm panel
  • Thermal probes for semiconductor holder bars temperature monitoring
  • Thermal probes for air temperature monitoring inside the rectifier cubicle
  • Transformer Alarm and trip signals recording