Power Supply System for Polysilicon Production


Our deep knowledge and capability drove us to develop
a completely new Power Supply for Polysilicon production.

In 1984, FRIEM was able to start its first Power Supply for a PolySilicon CVD Reactor.

Nowadays FRIEM has more than 200 Units in service all over the world, producing PolySilicon with all the different types of CVD Reactors.

Its deep knowledge in a such particular field and its capability of following the requests of continuous improvement coming from the market, drove FRIEM through the development of a completely new Power Supply for PolySilicon production. In early 2005 this gave origin to the SPS-DC Line: nowadays a complete line of DC Power Supplies for all kind of CVD Reactors.

The SPS-DC is the only PolySilicon Power Supply based on the use of IGBT’s DC/DC Converter technology.

Main Characteristics

The CVD Reactors of the last generation presents an higher No. Of road to comply with the request of an higher production rate.
The modular design of FRIEM SPS-DC Line perfectly meets the supply flexibility and load indipendency required by the increate No. Of Roads

CVD Reactors No. of Rods  12  18  24  36  48  54 60 72 90

The main characteristics today required to Power Supply for the maximum production capacity are:

  • Load supply independency: highest efficiency of the process with the independent control of the different parts of the Reactor
  • Flexible electrical supply in order to always match with the process requirements: a batch process is varying time by time (up to 20% difference from one cycle to another)
  • Fast regulation response: smooth control of the process and good electrical performances