Mini Grid & Energy Management


Grid-tied and Off-Grid Solutions

FRIEM has developed a comprehensive line of Hybrid Inverters and Power Converters in order to respond to the multiple and different requirements of Energy Storage Systems applied to Mini-Grid and Energy Management. Thanks to the huge experience in Solar PV field and Industrial Automation, FRIEM’s solution is able to integrate multiple sources and manage the Energy supplied to the Loads, optimising the reliability, availability and profitability of the Mini-Grid.

  • All the Power Converters are capable of bidirectional power flow control and manage the AC or DC Bus (depending from ESS configuration) using a proper PI Voltage Regulator with adjustable reference point and droop characteristic.
  • This solution allows parallel configuration of multiple source, automatic load sharing, and extremely fast power flow exchange when a unit goes out of order, without affecting the Load supply.
  • Maximum flexibility: the power flow amongst units can be adjusted in real-time.

FRIEM ESS main advantages:

  • Design and technologies based on 65+ years experience;
  • Flexible and tailored solution through modular concept;
  • AC or DC links for complete integration of all the energy sources;
  • Different type of storage technology available:
    • Lead batteries;
    • Li-Ion batteries;
    • Red-Ox flow batteries;
    • Hidrogen storage;
  • Integrated solution including all the main components;

Main operating features:

  • on-line management of the power flows between the different sources
  • Contemporary load supply with all the sources: PV, Batteries, Diesel Genset and Grid
  • Load supply from the Grid through a by-pass or through the Power Converter
  • Islanding: Off-grid operation mode with only PV and Batteries
  • Outage management: automatic and seamless transition from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid operation (depending on the ESS configuration)
  • Batteries charging from PV or from Grid even during Load supply


  • Static compensator, injecting on the grid reactive power (both capacitive or inductive) with adjustable value
  • Virtual Inertia or V/F Droop characteristics
  • Draw active power from the Grid with high Power Factor and low harmonic distortion

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