Today FRIEM is a Group of Companies specialised in Electrotechnical Equipment, enabling it to provide the best solutions in Industrial and Traction applications.

FRIEM S.p.A proudly announces the recent establishment of a strategic partnership in South Africa which has driven to the foundation of a New South African Company named FRIEM South Africa.

This represents for FRIEM a further step towards its continuously growing international expansion and an outstanding accomplishment in the field of industrial and renewable energy.

FRIEM South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa

•  BBBEE Rate: 3 (target 2 in 2014)
•  Production Site: Cape Town – Montague Garden (1500sqm)
•  Local Content: Target 70% Local Production
•  Fields of activity:
Renewable Energy
Power Conversion for Industrial and Traction Applications
DC Traction Substations
LV and MV Electrical Distribution
•  Main Products:
2,5kW ÷ 3MW Inverter (and accessories) for Photovoltaic Systems (300MW/Year capability)
Power Converters for Industrial and Traction Applications
DC Traction Switchgears
LV and MV Switches
LV and MW Distribution Switchgears
•  Local Service: Presence in the whole South Africa’ country


FRIEM has opened a new headquarted in Atibaia, San Paolo (Brazil).
Thanks to its Company Coet Interglobal, the products of FRIEM’s Group will be manufactured in the new facilities in San Paolo, and directly sold in Brazil and Latin America.

The customers will rely on the quality and performance of FRIEM’s products, with the advantage of a local production and after-sales assistance.

FRIEM Conversores Ltda  – Atibaia, San Paolo

•  Main Figures:
Founded in 2012
Workshop: 1000smq
Employees: around 20
•  Fields of Activity:
Renewable Energy
Power Conversion for Idustrial and Traction Application
DC Traction Substations
LV and MV Electrical Distribution
•  Main Products:
 Industrial and Traction Rectifiers
Inverters for PV plants
High Current DC Isolators
MV Disconnetors for Traction
Complete Substations for Traction
•  Local Content:
Sales Office
Technical Service (sales and after sales)
Customised Production


The aim to provide to our Customers a complete support and package has led FRIEM to participate into World Leader Companies in the Electrotechnical field:


AKTIF Elektroteknik (former SETAS – Electrical and Machinery Industry and Trading Inc.), established in 1981 in Ankara, is the first manufacturer of High Voltage Mobile Substation, Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed Switchgear in Turkey. In the recent years AKTIF Elektroteknik has supplied many H.V. M.V. and L.V. panels in accordance with IEC, ANSI, BS standards and made turnkey contracts of transformer stations from UN, UNDP, JICS in Middle East, Asia and Africa, thus becoming a prominent company in Electro-Mechanical Industry in all these areas.