We design and manufacture on our Customers’ requests and specifications to achieve their complete satisfaction.


FRIEM, with its long experience in High Power Converter Plants, can design and produce its equipment according to the International Standards and Customers’ requirements and specifications. FRIEM is able to provide complete Power Conversion Systems including MV Switchgears, Special Transformers, Interphase and Smoothing Reactors, High Current DC Switches, Power Factor Improvement and Harmonic Filter Systems and DCS Systems.

Today FRIEM’s Converters can be based on IGBT, Thyristor or Diode technologies. Our Continuous Improvement Mentality and our knowledge of the complete system and of the service continuity necessity drove our design to the highest level of reliability and to the continuous development of our technology. This grants our customer to have always the most technical updated equipment still maintaining long life operation and reduced maintenance. Efficiency and Power Quality can be maximised with the use of the best solution for our customer’s needs.

The last generation of our Digital Regulation (DRP type) is the sample of FRIEM’s technical capabilities in the most recent technologies mixed with the huge experience in Power Converters for Electrochemical Plants.

High flexibility and quick response, among FRIEM’s major strengths, are achieved by continuously training the personnel on the use of the most updated designing and programming tools. Moreover the knowhow on the design and production of FRIEM’s rectifiers resides in FRIEM itself since the beginning of its activity.