RECon 75-HV line



High Voltage Grid Connected

General Characteristics

The new Inverter Line RECon 75-HV, has been developed thanks to the huge experience matured by FRIEM in the grid connected solar Inverters, of the RECon 30 and RECon 2.30 lines.

The RECon 75-HV is designed to satisfy the new main requirements of the utility scale plants like higher Power Density and higher DC Voltage, to allow BOS Optimization and cost saving

Besides these new features, the RECon 75-HV still maintains the previous FRIEM’s Inverters main characteristics and advantages like:

  • Modular and compact design
  • Parallel/Independent Modular Configuration
  • Easy Maintenance: Power Section fully withdrawable
  • Fully Automated Regulation, Control and Protection
  • Highest Conversion Efficiency
  • Touch Screen Operator Panel
  • Standard Serial Communication Protocols
  • Conformance to the IEC Standards, CE Directives, and to the different countries grid codes.

Outdoor Solution
RECon 75-HV Line Inverters are available also in outdoor execution with IP54 protection degree