RECon OGS OFF – GRID Inverter Control

The OFF-GRID Inverter Control System RECon-OGS has been developed to allow the RECon line Inverters to switch automatically from the ON-GRID to the OFF-GRID operation mode when the main electrical grid is off.
When the inverter is operating in OFF-GRID Mode, the RECon-OGS can:
Automatically regulate the inverter output power to supply

  • The loads or send commands to either start the Emergency
  • Gen Set or to switch off the secondary loads (Load Shedding) in case the Inverter power is not enough.
  • Automatically regulate the inverter output power to work in parallel with one or more Emergency Generators.
  • Automatically regulate the inverter output power to work in parallel with an Energy storage system.

It is particularly efficient in those countries where power outages and/or programmed Load-Shedding is very frequent and allows not only to save generator fuel and maintenance costs but also to have a higher power continuity and a better exploitation of the PV plant.
Beside other components the system is also constituted of an operator panel, digital I/O expansion boards and energy meters.
All the real-time measurements are displayed on the Operator Panel and can be transmitted via a RS-485 Serial Communication line with a Standard Modbus RTU Communication Protocol.
Through the Operator Panel it is also possible to set the system parameters like:

  • Number of Generators
  • Rated Generator Power
  • Minimum Generator Power threshold
  • Load-Shedding program

The Recon-OGS is assembled in a metallic case
(optional fiberglass).


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