RECon GC – Generator Control

The RECon-GC has been developed to allow the RECon line Inverters to work in parallel with one or more Emergency Generators when the main electrical grid is off.
It is particularly efficient in those countries where power outages and/or programmed Load Shedding are very frequent and allows not only to save generator fuel and maintenance costs but also to have a higher power continuity and a better exploitation of the PV plant.
The system measures the power generated by the Gen Set and automatically regulates the power production of the solar inverter in order to minimize the fuel consumption and continuously supply all the loads.
Beside other components the system is also constituted of an operator panel, a digital I/O expansion board and an energy meter.
All the real-time measurements are displayed on the Operator Panel and can be transmitted via a RS-485 Serial Communication line with a Standard Modbus RTU Communication Protocol.
Through the Operator Panel it is also possible to set the system parameters like:

  • Number of Generators
  • Rated Generator Power
  • Minimum Generator Power threshold The Recon-GC is assembled in a metallic case

(optional fiberglass)



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